BUSLOC Presentation

How BUSLOC Works


GPS Signal

  • 1. BUSLOC works with your Fleet’s existing GPS Hardware without need for additional devices.
  • 2. BUSLOC readily integrates with existing fleet solutions, Routing software, GPS API, or infact with any GPS solution.
  • 3. BUSLOC requires only GPS signals for tracking.

Route Schedules

  • 1.BUSLOC works according to your Fleet’s existing route schedules, and works for Fleet with or without any Routing software.
  • 2. For Fleets with existing routing software:
    BUSLOC readily integrates with the existing routing software and ensures tracking of the school bus according to the route schedule.
    BUSLOC synchronises with routing software without duplicating the efforts.
    3. For Fleets without Routing Software:
    BUSLOC takes the schedules as an import file and will daily monitor the routes accordingly (import file format will be provided by BUSLOC).

Access to Parents

Access to parents can be in one of the two ways

    Option 1 (Student id based)
    BUSLOC will import students data from routing software or its equivalant csv files.
    Student id will be used by their parents to add them in to their BUSLOC accounts, after this parents can start tracking and recieve notifications.
    Option 2 (School Districts data)
    BUSLOC can sync with your school Database or can import Parents and Students data with the Students’ assigned routestops.
    Relevant permissions are given in the MobileApp to Parents to access their kids’ routes and track the routes on the map
    Option 3 (RouteKey® based)
    BUSLOC generates a single RouteKey® for sharing with the parents on the route; using the RouteKey®, Parents can add the route and start tracking their student’s routes. RouteKey® option does not require students or parents data integration

School District Staff

  • Signup with BUSLOC https://cp.busloc.io/auth/signup and complete the School District/School registration
  • BUSLOC will process the request and provides Dashboard access with demo data within 24 hrs.
  • BUSLOC will followup with one-on-one online meeting, data collection etc.
  • BUSLOC will also send instructions on populating the data on schools, routes, routestops, and GPS hardware.
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